Tips on How to use your Cat River Anchor

We recommend at least 900lb. test rope Zip tie or tape the tag ends of your anchor rope knots

Instead of tying the anchor rope fast to the boat put a float on the end of the rope. That way you can move fast to chase a big fish or get out of the way of something big floating at you. Just undo your rope cleat and throw the float over. Go back and get your anchor later.

Put your anchor, rope and float in a rubber feed pan. It keeps it organized, saves your boat from dings and it is easy to move if you have more than one boat.

Plan your approach to the spot where you want to position your boat. Drop your anchor far enough upstream. When you anchor is set, you can let more rope out to get to your perfect spot.

Leave enough room upstream to be able to break your anchor loose if it gets hung up.

These anchors dig in and set fast. Never throw it up over a high bank unless you want to pull a bunch of the bank into the boat with you, or have a monkey that will climb the bank and get it back for you.