The ORIGINAL Patented System

Don’t get fooled by copycats! Cat River Anchors is the first and ONLY legally protected solution for our anchor system.

  • We invented it.
  • We perfected it.
  • All others are imitations.

Our anchors are proudly made in the USA and we produce the highest quality anchor of its type. 

Stowable Anchors
Now Available for Pre Order

Same fast set. Same ease in retrieval.  But now it breaks down for easier storage.  
We’re putting the finishing touches on these and they should start shipping in about 6 weeks!

Anchor Objectives

1. Set fast and hold your boat.
2. Be able to always retrieve it.

This Anchor Excels at Both!

The deep flukes work well on anything from hard scoured bottom to mud or sand or rocks.

50 pound test zip tie holds the chain to the shank for normal anchor operation but when you are hung up you can break the zip tie loose and pull it out upside down

This design has had 4 years of testing on multiple types of boats by some pretty tough critics.

Hats coming soon!

Being a river guide it is imperative that I have an anchor that sets quickly, stays set, and can get out of snags easily. That anchor is the Cat River Anchor.

Captain Brad Durick